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Robert Plotkin

About Robert Plotkin

You can leverage AI to supercharge your skills and maximize innovation in your organization.

Robert Plotkin will show you how

Robert Plotkin is not just an expert; he’s a visionary in human-AI collaboration. Robert has been at the forefront of this transformative field long before it became a global focus. With his unique combination of training and experience in computer science, innovation, and law, he guides individuals and organizations in taking maximum advantage of AI to boost their creativity, productivity, and innovation to previously unimagined levels.

Robert is a prolific writer, captivating speaker, and sought-after interviewee on the impact of AI on creativity, innovation, the workplace, intellectual property, and the professions. He simplifies complex tech concepts into everyday language, while teaching practical skills that any individual or organization can use to leverage the latest developments in AI. More than that, he brings a spirit of hope and optimism to his work, imbuing his practical teachings with a can-do spirit that leaves his audiences motivated to put his teaches to immediate practical use in their lives and organizations.

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