Robert Plotkin

Robert leads innovators, creatives, and professionals in leveraging AI to boost their skills, effectiveness, and productivity to the next level. Robert brings an optimism and excitement to his work that are the perfect antidote to the fear of being replaced by AI.

Your Guide to Thriving in an AI-Driven World

As a pioneering thought leader in the realm of human-AI collaboration, Robert Plotkin has been at the forefront of this transformative field long before it became a global focus. With a vision that transcends conventional boundaries, Robert has dedicated his career to exploring how AI can not just augment but revolutionize human and organizational creativity, productivity, and innovation.

Unlock AI’s Full Potential—And Yours

You can ride the wave on the rising tide of artificial intelligence, rather than be swept away by it, and Robert Plotkin will show you the way. Robert is an MIT-educated computer scientist, a patent attorney with over 25 years specializing in software and AI, and a thought leader who foresaw the rise and implications of generative AI in his ground-breaking book 15 years ago. He uses this broad and deep expertise to teach skills for leveraging AI to be more creative, productive, and innovative.

Future-Proof Your Career and Your Business

Robert’s insights offer practical steps you can take to become indispensable in an AI-augmented world to maintain your organization’s competitive edge. The focus in this website and Robert’s work is always on you—on making you more valuable, more irreplaceable, more future-proof than ever before.

Inspirational Speaker

When Robert speaks, he leaves audiences inspired and invigorated, ready to seize the opportunities that AI offers. He delivers more than just information; he delivers a vision for the future. His talks are a blend of forward-thinking concepts and practical insights that equip attendees with actionable strategies to leverage AI for unprecedented levels of creativity, efficiency, and innovation. Available for bookings, including keynote speeches, Robert leads the discourse on human-AI collaboration.

Cutting-Edge Insights

Robert has been ahead of the curve for years, offering prescient insights that are incredibly relevant to individuals and organizations today. By keeping a finger on the pulse of technological advances that emerge more rapidly than ever before, Robert provides you with the edge you need to stay ahead in your field.

Your Go-To Authority on AI Intellectual Property

Robert Plotkin is the definitive expert in securing intellectual property for art and inventions created using AI. His unique blend of legal expertise and AI understanding makes him an invaluable resource for both individuals and organizations. Whether you're an individual creator or an innovative company, Robert provides actionable insights to protect and maximize the value of your AI-enabled works. To learn more about Robert’s patent law firm, Blueshift IP, visit the firm’s website.

Interdisciplinary Approach

Looking for insights that bridge the gap between technology, law, and human potential? With a background in computer science from MIT, over 25 years as a patent attorney in the AI and software sectors, and experience as a seasoned author and inventor, Robert offers a uniquely comprehensive perspective. This multidisciplinary approach isn't just theoretical; it translates into actionable strategies for individuals aiming to enhance their creativity and companies seeking to drive innovation.

Your Expert Advisor on Effective and Ethical AI Integration in Professional Practice

Robert Plotkin's 25+ years of legal experience equip him to guide professionals in law, medicine, writing, and marketing through the effective and ethical incorporation of AI into their work. Offering real-world strategies, he addresses safety, accuracy, and professional obligations while maximizing AI's potential to transform your practice.

How to Engage Robert

Whether through his writings, talks, or consultations, Robert consistently delivers a unique perspective on the symbiotic relationship between humans and AI. With an approach that is practical, empathetic, and relatable, he demystifies the complexities of AI, offering tangible ways to harness its power to unlock human potential like never before.

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