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Book Robert Plotkin to speak and give your audience the key to future-proofing their skills and organizations with practical techniques they can use immediately. It’s not just a talk; it’s a transformative learning experience.

Why Robert? Practical and Relatable Skills for Real-World Impact

If you’re tired of esoteric AI discussions that don’t seem applicable to your everyday work and business, you’re not alone. What sets Robert apart as a speaker is his unique ability to make Artificial Intelligence relatable, accessible, and above all, practical. Here’s why you should listen:

Audience-Centric Approach

Robert tailors his talks to directly address the goals and concerns of his audience, ensuring that you leave not just inspired, but with actionable steps to take your creativity, productivity, and innovation to new heights using AI.

Engaging and Relatable

With a knack for transforming complex AI concepts into easy-to-understand, engaging narratives, Robert captures the essence of AI’s transformative power without delving too deep into the technical minutiae.

Real-World Examples

Robert shares stories from his diverse background as a writer, innovator, and lawyer, as well as success stories from clients he's helped, providing concrete illustrations of how AI can have a positive impact on your life and business.

Follow-up Resources

Attendees gain exclusive access to a wealth of follow-up materials via Robert's website. For those seeking further personalized advice, one-on-one coaching and specialized business consultations are also available.

Empowerment, Not Fear

The key takeaway from any talk Robert gives is that AI is not a threat but a tool, one that can be leveraged for unimaginable creativity, efficiency, and innovation, regardless of one's technical background.

By attending one of Robert's talks, you'll acquire practical skills and an actionable roadmap for thriving in an AI-augmented world.

Topics and Themes

Looking to navigate the intricate landscape of AI with ease and confidence? Robert’s speaking sessions cover an expansive range of topics tailored to equip you—whether you’re a creator, professional, or innovator—with actionable insights. Here are the core topics he addresses:

How AI is Super-Charging Innovation

Acquire actionable insights into how artificial intelligence can exponentially increase your personal and organizational capacity for innovation, solidifying your competitive edge.

Skills Humans Need to Leverage
(and not be replaced by) AI

Learn the essential skills you need to collaborate effectively with AI and elevate your career.

Creative AI: Will AI Replace Human Creators?

Discover how AI is influencing creative fields and how you can harness it to boost your artistic and inventive skills.

Securing Your AI Innovations:
Intellectual Property Essentials

Master actionable tactics to maximize intellectual property protection for your AI-generated works, giving you a secure edge, and avoiding being overtaken by your competitors. (To book a consultation with Robert for his services as a patent lawyer, visit his law firm’s website.)

How Generative AI is Revolutionizing the Professions

Unlock the transformative potential of generative AI in disciplines including law, marketing, engineering, education, and medicine.

AI: From Fear to Embrace of a
World-Changing Technology

Address your reservations and fears about AI and learn to embrace the technology that is changing the world.

Robert's talks are designed to be more than just informational—they are transformational. Leave with practical steps, proven strategies, and the confidence to thrive in an AI-augmented world.

Speaking Packages to Elevate Your Event

Diverse Formats for Varied Needs

Whether you’re looking for an inspiring keynote speech, a deep-dive workshop, an engaging panel discussion, or an informative webinar, Robert Plotkin tailors his delivery style to your event’s unique needs.

Flexible Duration

From succinct 30-minute overviews to comprehensive 4-hour workshops, we’ve got you covered. Choose the duration that fits your agenda.

Accommodating Audience Sizes

Whether it’s an intimate team meeting or a large conference, Robert Plotkin has the versatility to captivate audiences of all sizes.

Bonus Features to Extend the Impact

Beyond the speaking engagement, you can opt for added value with Q&A sessions, follow-up presentations, and specialized resources like white papers and ebooks.

Customized to Your Goals

Your organizational objectives are our priority. Robert Plotkin can extensively customize his talks to align seamlessly with your mission and themes.

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