Reports of the Death of Prompt Engineering Are Greatly Exaggerated

Mark Twain as a steampunk prompt engineer.

January 2023: “Learn prompt engineering – it’s the wave of the future and your ticket to AI riches.” January 2024: “Don’t waste your time learning prompt engineering – soon all prompts will be written by AI.” Which of these is correct? There’s a grain of truth in the claims that AI will automate prompt engineering. […]

Writing Text Like Snapping Photos: Embracing the Instant Draft Revolution in AI-Enabled Writing

The transition from analog to digital photography wasn’t just a leap in technology—it transformed how photographers create. The pre-digital era, constrained by the cost of film and the time needed for development, necessitated meticulous planning. Digital photography, which made available a nearly infinite number of shots at a cost approaching zero, fostered a bold, improvisational […]

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