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Reports of the Death of Prompt Engineering Are Greatly Exaggerated

January 2023: “Learn prompt engineering – it’s the wave of the future and your ticket to AI riches.” January 2024:

Writing Text Like Snapping Photos: Embracing the Instant Draft Revolution in AI-Enabled Writing

The transition from analog to digital photography wasn’t just a leap in technology—it transformed how photographers create. The pre-digital era,

Words as Magic: From Ancient Genies to Modern AI Chatbots

ChatGPT has captivated us because it taps into our fascination with the magical power of words.

Why I Use ChatGPT to Tell Me Things I Already Know

ChatGPT can be useful for things other than gaining new knowledge.

The “Interview Me” Prompting Strategy: Stay in the Driver’s Seat and Retain Your Own Voice When Co-Writing With AI

You’ve heard about how AI can be more than just a tool – it can also be your collaborative partner.

Turning the Tables: How to Supervise the AI that Could Replace You

Avoid being replaced by AI by learning to supervise the AI that could replace you.

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