Welcome to a treasure trove of cutting-edge insights on human-AI co-creation. As a thought leader in this transformative field, Robert has been publishing books on the subject long before it captured the global imagination. Here, you’ll find a collection of Robert’s works designed not just to inform but to empower. Take your understanding of AI to a new level and arm yourself with the knowledge to make a meaningful impact. Click on each book to explore further and make your purchase on Amazon.

The Genie in the Machine: How Computer-Automated Invention is Revolutionizing Law and Business

In this groundbreaking book, published in 2009 — long before generative AI was well-known — Robert described how AI was being used to automate the inventive process, and the implications of such AI for inventors, high-tech companies, and the patent system. He described the new skills that inventors would need to develop, the new business and legal strategies that high-tech companies would need to adopt, and the new rules and practices that legal systems would need to create in response to AI. The Genie in the Machine was ahead of its time and is even more relevant today than when it was first published.

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AI Armor: Securing the Future of Your AI Company With Strategic Intellectual Property

Are you a founder, executive, or investor in the lightning-fast AI world? Are you feeling the pressure piling on to raise funds, become profitable, attract and retain top talent, and secure a successful exit? To hold your own in this cutthroat environment, Intellectual Property (IP) may be your most powerful tool, but not IP as you know it. In AI Armor, Robert Plotkin describes a unique strategy for using IP as a dynamic profit and growth driver for AI companies. Click below to be notified as soon as AI Armor is available for order on Amazon (scheduled for April 2024). Your journey to AI success starts here.

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