Listen to these curated podcast episodes to gain valuable insights into the transformative power of AI. Each episode showcases Robert’s expertise as a guest speaker and offers practical advice on harnessing AI for creativity, productivity, and innovation. This is your opportunity to hear how Robert articulates complex topics in a relatable and engaging manner, offering you a preview of what Robert can bring to your own event or organization.

Latest podcasts:
Just Minding My Business
Robert addresses the common fear of AI replacement by illustrating how embracing AI allows creatives to concentrate on high level
The AI Optimist
Robert discusses why AI-assisted inventions can be patented even though AI isn't an inventor.
The Art of AI for Business
Robert discusses the impact of AI on innovation, patent law, and the future of AI-generated works.
Creatives with AI
Robert discusses use of AI in creative work and law, with an emphasis on writing.
Get Down to Business
Robert explores the impact of generative AI on Innovation and the patent system, and how to overcome distrust in AI.
Be Insightful in Technology
Robert provides an overview of IP protection options for entrepreneurs and small businesses.
The CTO Show
Robert discusses how AI is democratizing innovation by bringing AI-fueled creativity to the masses.
Just Minding My Business
Robert provides a simple definition of AI and gives pointers for trying out AI for the first time.
3M Inside Angle
Robert discusses patent protection for AI, including how AI is raising the bar for patentability.

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