Welcome to a curated collection of Robert’s thought-provoking articles, featured in leading publications across the tech and business spectrum. In these articles, Robert shares groundbreaking insights on human-AI co-creation. Dive in to discover how you can leverage AI to enhance your creativity, productivity, and business acumen.

Latest articles:
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Patents are vital tools for smaller companies to ensure long-term success in competition against tech giants.
We don't name "Nature" as an inventor on patents, and we shouldn't name AI systems as inventors for the same
Why the U.S. Patent Office's guidelines on inventorship for AI-assisted inventions may disadvantage inventors who use AI.
Learn why software can be patented as Robert debunks the top 10 myths about software patents.
AI innovations can be patented even though an AI system can't be named as an inventor on a patent. Found
Does it matter that LLMs don't understand the meaning of text, as long as they can get the job done?
If you've assumed that prompts provided to an AI system are pure data that can't be patented, think again.
A powerful, low-cost, continuous improvement AI strategy for small, fast-moving companies.

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