Welcome to a curated collection of Robert’s thought-provoking articles, featured in leading publications across the tech and business spectrum. In these articles, Robert shares groundbreaking insights on human-AI co-creation. Dive in to discover how you can leverage AI to enhance your creativity, productivity, and business acumen.

Latest articles:
A guide to evaluating the tradeoffs between trade secret and patent protection for AI innovations.
The many valuable uses of large language models for purposes other than discovering new information.
Inc. Magazine
Learn about the critical window for leveraging A.I. in creating valuable, patent-protected intellectual property and the risks of falling behind
Naming AI systems as inventors on patents doesn't advance the purpose of the patent system.
Bloomberg Law
AI innovations can be patented even though AI can't be named as an inventor.
AI's burgeoning role in innovation is challenging traditional patent laws and reshaping the future of inventorship.
Blueshift IP
White paper from Robert's firm on the impact of AI on the patent system.
Discover how AI is transforming patent law in this insightful article by Robert.

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